Natan Levy - "My goal is to be a world champion" -The power of being single-minded 

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 "Don't waste time learning the tricks of the trade. Instead, learn the trade" - Natan Levy


Natan Levy - is an MMA fighter with a lot of gifts, and through the course of our conversation, we will see:

-his resiliency

-what is terrible advice when it comes to search for your dream

-several "proverbs" like it needs a lot of bad luck to have great luck

-his commitment to becoming a world champion

-preferred training and advice for MMA athletes and the common person

-a low-cost gadget, less than USD 25 that makes a big difference

- Israel and US cultural differences when it comes to training

He is a Manga and Dragon Ball Fan in the breaks of his triple-daily training.

Extensive social media support doesn't stop him from saying:

"I want to inspire others to be good a person, not only a fighter."

There is a lot in our conversation, from simple advice on training to expressing his fight on "leaving" Karate to turn to MMA and the cultural differences between Israel and the US.

His method of listening to his inner voice and being extremely prepared is an exciting look to all that are thinking of doing instead of doing.

You can find him here


Natan is pronounced

( N as in "knee (N.IY)" ; AA as in "odd (AA.D)" ; T as in "tee (T.IY)"; AE as in "at (AE.T)"; N as in "knee (N.IY)")

Short bio

Born in Paris on September 30th, 1991, raised in Israel, he is 5'9 (1.77m) tall, 165 pounds (75kg), and fighting at 66kg. Lives in Las Vegas (US), calls Israel his home.

Affiliation to Syndicate MMA and an Undefeated MMA Fighter 4-0 in his professional career ( 8-0 including amateur)

In Martial arts he is a:

• Karate 3rd degree black belt - Uechi Ryu

• Kung-fu black belt

• Certified Karate instructor - Issuing authority Wingate Sports Institute

• 1st place-Gracie Worlds 2014

• 3rd place-Israel National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017

• 1st place-ADCC Israel Submission grappling championship

Phrase/ Motto

"My goal is to be a world champion."


Find the video interview here on our youtube channel - Beyond Krav Maga Natan Levy


How is it regarding Self Defense growing up in Israel, I have this notion that it is pretty rough in there?
Well fundamentally in there you can get attacked by a terrorist with a reason, in here ()US) anyone can attack you with no reason...


Regarding Combat? MMA? Self Defense? What do you see as significant differences? What you see as fundamental differences ( if you see them) between MMA and Self Defense
All combat sports want to be like a real fight; then, there are rules to have a match.


Have you ever been confronted in a situation where you'd need to defend yourself? If so, when?
Only when younger ( 17 - 18), if you train and become stronger, more confident, bullies will not mess with you


What is your recommendation for training for a regular person? Routines that you see working/ tips for combat
If you train Karate, Krav Maga, MMA, all is good if you are up for self-defense than you need to do sparring and to have technique is a must.


How does your training schedule look like? And in the now moment, what are the changes?
Usually, I train 3 times a day, now I do one long session, and I'm doing several different aspects, striking, wrestling ( I have 2 great partners from Israel here) and conditioning.


Do you follow a specific plan in this lockdown? Since you work with other people/partners/instructors, how does it look like?
I make plans for them ( smiles), regarding the plan we go step by step, fundamentals are first then later we will do more advanced combos and technique/ tactics


What exercises and routines do you recommend doing? How should they work on skills? Technique, conditioning, a mix?
We've talked about this, and the key is technique, of course, you need to do conditioning; still the most important is that when your technique is better, you will outwork the adversary


How do you manage your time to train and rest and have personal time and also getting trough all the analysis?
My job is this, so it is like my 9 to 5 Office if for some reason I stay still/ stop my wife will call me out and say that I'm getting lazy (smiles)


How did you decide to leave Israel and come to the US for training and chasing this career? You had a good school and good competitive results. How was your decision process?
It was clear to me that I did not want to compete in Karate, so I researched and doing the work in Israel would no be enough, so I've committed to come to the US and leave my country.


Are there recommendations that you can give to others that are ready or thinking about a change like this?
If you are having doubts ( I get people asking if they should/test or try MMA) then it will not work, if your heart is there then you've found the answer


What is the bad advice that you see is being given, and it should be ignored?
Be the champion of your neighbor or country  vs. going up against the best


What is the habit/ technique or area that you have acquired in the last 5 years that really improved your life?
I've found Recovery, and there are so many aspects, Teragun, massage, stretching


Is there a failure or a set of them that did set you up for success?
Coming to the US three times throughout several years and having fights canceled, it was always hard to explain ( when back in Israel) why did the fighter did not show up…so when I got to my first match, I was above prepared


What are the books, places, or ideas that you can advise on?
We'll learn about Natan's "DO" advice and the way of go and do things vs. contemplation


What are the crucial moments and decisions so far? How did you think about them, and how did you cope with the decision?
The conversation with my Karate Master ( he said either Karate or MMA and I said MMA) and meeting my coaches in the US, to be fair, I was lucky when I got the interview with my coach.


How are you investing in the future to protect your career? Since being a professional fighter is surely hard we'll learn about his single mindset focus and commitment, and that now is investment is in his career


What are the differences between training in Israel and the US? How is the culture like?
In the US the objective is clear, and help to or from someone is more specific since they should support you on the way, in Israel, it is more collaborative and more eased


Do you have a routine that helps you break away? And hod do you decide on this? I mean, how do you check and know it is resting time?
The question is how not to compromise a week or the next day training by listening to the body and taking a break.


Can you share something that others will see as a strange thing that you really love doing?

Natan's Manga and Son-Go-Ku pleasures are a must-have!


If you have a billboard that would reach the world, what would you write there? - Natan's motto of a massive focus on one Goal - being single-minded and putting all resources for its success


How does the future look like?

How Natan's path will go and a key quote," I want to inspire people to be fighters and a good person, being a fighter is easy, I want to inspire them to be a good person."

Closing Ideas

Natan brings a lot of what is the American dream. His stories, commitment, and practice of making things happen are a vital lesson to when something essential needs to get done.

He is a welcome person and highly focused on his career, and as we move to a new state of normal, he is undoubtedly to go back to the cage and show his skills, from Beyond Krav Maga we wish him well in his endeavor to become a world champion.

People & Locations

Natan's Coaches:

Striking: Jimmy Giff
MMA: John Wood

Syndicate MMA Las Vegas 



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